Jorge Moreira

Picture of Jorge Miguel Moreira

Graduate Student

Dover Street Building
Department of Chemistry
The University of Manchester
M13 9PL

Sharpening up protein NMR: ultra‐high resolution experiments

I’ve obtained a BSc degree in Biochemistry at London Metropolitan University (2017) and an MRes in Molecular Biophysics for Medical Sciences at King’s College London (2018). I became interested in protein NMR during my time at KCL, where my dissertation project involved the use of NMR for allergen epitope mapping. As of September 2020, I’ve started my PhD (BBSRC DTP) at the University of Manchester.
My research will be concerned with the development of pure shift methods to improve spectral resolution and sensitivity in protein NMR experiments.

Publications (Most recent first)

Bucaite, G., Kang-Pettinger, T., Moreira, J., Gould, H., James, L., Sutton, B. and McDonnell, J. (2019). Interplay between Affinity and Valency in Effector Cell Degranulation: A Model System with Polcalcin Allergens and Human Patient–Derived IgE Antibodies. J. Immunol., 203(7), p: 1693-1700.