Pulse Sequences

We are currently preparing many of our pulse sequences, parameter sets, example datasets and processing macros for the website. Some are available here but if you would like to use any of the other the sequences, as described in the publications section, please email us. The majority of sequences are available for Varian systems and we are gradually writing the Bruker variants.

The pulse sequences and any macros required for data conversion can be accessed from this part of the website.


Software produced in-house, including The GNAT (General NMR Analysis Toolbox), the legacy DOSY Toolbox, MAGNATE (Multidimensional Analysis for the GNAT Environment), and diffusion estimation.

Workshops and presentations

The slides from some of the workshops and presentations given by group members are available from this part of the website. There is a pure shift NMR package available for download as part of our 2017 workshop on pure shift NMR.

AU Programs

A selection of AU programs for Bruker Topspin.